Carlo from Masseria Moroseta gives us his Puglia tips

The land between two seas. This heel of Italy is simply stunning and a real contrast to other parts of Italy. The crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and white washed buildings has a Greek heritage and feel to it. The Puglian dialect is heavily localised and there are age-old traditions such as ceramic and terracotta making as well as olive oil and wine-making, and of course the iconic architecture of the Trulli houses! A Masseria is a farmhouse and recently many have been converted for hospitality, although probably none quite as elegantly as Carlo’s Masseria Moroseta. Read below for Carlo’s Puglia tips.

Meal time at Masseria Moroseta

So Carlo, you moved from Umbria to Ostuni a few years ago – what drew you to this region of Italy?

Honestly everything happened quite randomly, I was in Puglia for a short trip. I fell in love immediately with the magic combination of light, landscape, atmosphere and authenticity of the region. I decided that it was the right place to develop my project, I started right after to look for the land to build Moroseta.

We can completely understand why! When guests stay, what are your favourite towns or Puglia tips you recommend they do whilst here?

Puglia is incredible because from top to bottom you can find so many different scenarios. If you have enough time I recommend to see a bit of everything, from the Gargano area, Valle d’Itria (where we are located) to Salento in the deep south. You will be able to discover small and hidden towns, the world famous Trulli of Alberobello and Locorotondo, beautiful historical buildings in the old part of Lecce, natural gems like Faraglioni di San’Andrea, Porto Selvaggio and Cava di Bauxite.


Pool, Olive Groves & Sea at Masseria Moroseta

Views over the Pool, Olive Groves & Sea from Masseria Moroseta

The famous Bulldogs of Masseria Moroseta

What are your favourite restaurants to eat at locally, (apart from Giorgia’s cooking at Moroseta)!?

In Puglia I recommend to go as simple as possible, so family run trattorias, street food or easy going fish restaurants. My favorite spots are Trattoria al Capitolo in Ceglie Messapica and Albachiara In Savelletri.

What’s the first thing you do when a friend comes to stay with you?

Hard to choose! There are so many Puglia tips. I love nature and the sea, so the first thing I would recommend is a swim in the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto.

We are in the wine tourism business and Italy is famous for many local grape varieties. Puglia is often known for it’s bigger red wines using the Primitivo and Negroamaro grape varieties – what’s your favourite type of wine? 

I love well-structured and elegant reds and mineral and crisp whites (not really easy to find here in Puglia). Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Sauvignon, Riesling are definitely my all time favorites. A couple of years ago we decided to serve natural wines at Moroseta from local Puglian producers.

VIND tip: go for a Tasting with Gio from Terre di San Vito, you won't regret it!

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Polignano a Mare, is a beautiful coastal town and only a short drive from Terre di San Vito. We highly recommend visiting and going to some of the more secluded coves, which are a waking distance from the main beach. Go first thing in the morning, grab a coffee and meet the locals!

Polignano a Mare
In Order: A beach on the west coast, Grottaglie, Masseria Moroseta and Ostuni.

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